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What a lovely invitation.

Let me tell you about this spot. One of my favorites on a woman. It’s located on her upper, inner thigh. It’s a spot I was just describing this morning. A spot that is perfect in all aspects.

There comes that inevitable moment when you’re going down on a woman. When your fingers are alternating between circles and vibrating and twitching in her pussy. When your tongue is drawing little circles and crosses on her clit. When she’s moaning, groaning and clenching her ass. When her legs are thrashing involuntarily. It’s that moment when I think to myself, “One big twitch right now and she could literally break my neck.” 

When she starts to gasp, when she says “stop”, when her hands are pushing against my forehead and pulling my hair at the same time… That second where you back off, where you have that first gasp of air you’ve had in a long time. That’s when I can see my spot more clearly defined than any other moment in time. It’s usually glistening from pussy juice by now, and distinctly flush from my fingers, and mouth.

It’s the spot right where your thigh meets your body. And right after you’ve just cum so hard you can’t think about anything else except breathing, I sink my teeth in and bite. My mouth covers you and I start to suck, hard on you. You will scream out. You will fucking love it. I can almost guarantee another orgasm will hit as soon as my teeth start to mark you. My territory. 

Another guarantee.. this might be the first bite mark I leave on your skin.. it will not be the last. You will wear your bruises proudly, won’t you, Pet?

And as you look at them in the mirror the next day, two days.. week. You will know one thing: You are mine.

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